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Fifi Shines as Bollywood-Style Avatar in Work of Siri Devi Khandavilli at Lisa Sette Gallery

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While the ancient Hindu pantheon of gods, goddesses, and their avatars is more crowded than a New York subway at rush hour, Khandavilli (born and raised in Southern India as a devout Hindu) feels there's definitely room for her latest incarnation -- a glittery goddess who's taken on various incarnations as a snooty, highly manicured poodle she's dubbed Kama, a Hindi word loosely meaning desire.

The artist has taken the word from the name of a bovine-bodied goddess, Kamadheu, commonly called the wish-fulfilling cow-goddess. She also admits that she was equally inspired by Lady Gaga's ever-present accessory poodle, Fozzi.

"It is elegant, luxurious, pampered," says Khandavilli of her specific choice of canine.

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Kathleen Vanesian