Mural by Pablo Luna
Mural by Pablo Luna
Courtesy of Joey G.

Fillmore Creative: Conspire's Joey G. Opens a Collaborative Art Space on Grand Avenue

Fillmore Creative, a four part collaborative art space organized by local culture vulture, Joey G. of Conspire/JoBot Coffee, will open in a warehouse space just off of Grand Avenue and Fillmore in Downtown Phoenix.

The combination sewing lab/tattoo shop/recording studio is still very much in its beginning stages of renovation, but owners anticipate the project to be fully operational within the next couple of months.

The portion of the venue intended to be "a shared space to throw parties in," however, isn't wasting any prime party time-- a recent mural by Pablo Luna  has already gone up and rumored after-hours shin digs by non other than The Quincy may or may not be in full swing (hmm, isn't it tamale season, or something?).

Get the full Fillmore Creative scoop, after the jump.

"As soon as the production level is up, the space will serve as a creative engine for people to open up their productive apparatus," Joey G. explains.

The sewing lab, dedicated to G.'s indepedendent clothing line, Mob Action, will offer retail and instruction on how the clothing is made. Neighboring studios will involve local tattoo artist, Angel Diaz and a recording studio for Melted Cassettes.

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