First Friday in Phoenix: 5 Things to Do December 6

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Grand Opening @ The Heavy Pedal The artists behind local cycling company and lifestyle brand The Heavy Pedal have grand plans for their new headquarters -- a combination retail shop, co-working space, art gallery, creative hangout, and study spot near Madison Street and Seventh Avenue, as well as its grand opening party on First Friday.

Local graphic designers and cycling fiends Terrence Patrick and Victor Vasquez, who co-founded Heavy Pedal back in 2008, have spent the past several weeks readying the 2,500-square-foot warehouse space for its debut, including creating an epic-looking mural, a sewing station, room for various art and cycling projects, and a few urbane and industrial décor touches.

Tonight's grand opening will be just as hyphenate-filled as its co-founders and the space itself and will feature DJ sessions, live art from Dumperfoo, live sewing and cycling cap creation by Heavy Pedal fashion designer Leonor Aispuro, new works by painter/illustrator Abe Zucca, and visual projections from the artists of Cornfed. Heavy Pedal will also show off its new Zephyr track bikes and t-shirt designs. The party runs from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m. at The Heavy Pedal, 805 West Madison Street. Admission is free. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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