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First Friday is Happening Despite Arizona Republic-Inspired Freakout

More than two weeks ago, Jackalope Ranch reported that Phoestival, the retail and vendor portion of the monthly First Friday art walk, would not be happening in July and August. That followed with this post that cleared up any misconceptions about the future of the popular monthly art walk, which will continue to operate normally for the next two months, just without the vendors.

But then late Monday night, this piece by Sadie Jo Smokey of the Arizona Republic sent a wave a panic that has spread from Phoenix to the Pacific Northwest. Smokey's story concluded, much like the aforementioned New Times pieces, that the future of the First Friday vendors are on uncertain grounds, but not the monthly gallery stroll.

However, some local artists, who posted a link to Smokey's article on Facebook, thought that the entire First Friday shindig had been canceled.

The news eventually made its way to Portland-based artist Lisa Albinger, who sent New Times an e-mail inquiring about the perceived cancellation. Albinger, who plans to showcase original artwork at popular Perihelion Arts on Roosevelt Street in August, was concerned that First Friday had been 86'd after a friend told her that the July and August editions were goners.

This morning, a member of Artlink, which plays a big part of the operational and promotional aspects of First Friday, confirmed that the art walk will indeed still take place this Friday and on Friday, August 6.

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