First Friday, Splash Pool Party, Designer Toys, and Sade Over the Weekend

Kitten Paws, Glass Blowers and Vacant Lots at First Friday September's First Friday hit Downtown Phoenix last night. This month's edition included the usual collection of overdressed teenagers, sweltering galleries and overwhelmingly outdated requests for free hugs. Fortunately it also included the Kitten Paws Vintage Pop Up Shop at New City Studio, the opening of the Circle 6 glass studio and the A.R.T.S. transformation of a vacant lot on Roosevelt...see photos.

Toxic & Tasty at Red Hot Robot Do you like monsters? Hell yeah, you do. Well so do artists Paperdaniel and Blurble. They love monsters so much that they created an entire show of their creations currently on display at Red Hot Robot...see photos.

Last SPLASH Pool Party Pool party season is coming to and end and with it the SPLASH pool party series. The last SPLASH of the summer soaked the Lexington Hotel on Saturday night. The hipster set danced and splashed the night away to performances by local bands such as Minibosses, Sweetbleeders and Hot Birds & The Chili Sauce. Special guest DJ Mizl supplied additional beats...see photos.

Sade at US Airways Center Sade (the woman, not the band) doesn't seem like she has to work very hard live. If there's ever an audience willing to plunk down $149 for the good seats, load up on $25 glossy programs, posters, t-shirts, and memorabilia -- it's Sade's...full story

See: Sade in photos.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.