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Five Calls for Phoenix Artists

From exhibitions to public art to bottle designs, here are a few opportunities you'll want to keep an eye on: 

1. Herberger Theater Center 
The Herberger Theater Center in Phoenix is calling for artwork for two shows in 2012 with themes: "Chomp: A Show about Comestibles" and "Memory by Play". Interested artists must fill out a application (available online) and submit online or by April 2, 2012. Applications can be mailed to Herberger Theater Center Exhibition Entries, 222 East Monroe Phoenix, AZ 85004.

4. Art Detour at Crescent Ballroom

Xico Inc. and Hugos Art are teaming up for March's Art Detour 2012 and are currently looking for artists to submit 2D proposals for an exhibition at The Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix. The theme is "Celebrating Beauty, an Artist Perspective". Applications and more information are available here. Deadline: January 16. 

3. Scottsdale and Tempe's IN FLUX 
Project managers Kirstin Van Cleef and Maja Aurora are still looking for submissions for Tempe and Scottsdale public arts' projects IN FLUX, which seeks to provide opportunity, experience and education to emerging and established local artists while temporarily activating empty strefronts and public areas. The RFQ is available here and is due by December 20.  

 2. The Gilbert Art Walk
The annual Gilbert art walk isn't scheduled to take over Gilbert's main drag until September 23, but artists looking for more information and booth requirements are encouraged to contact Executive Director, George Lenz at [email protected] More information is available on the art walk's facebook page.  

1. Heineken Bottle Design Contest
If you've knocked back a few of the green bottles and thought to yourself that Heineken could really use a newer, fresher label, you're in luck. Until January 31, Heineken is looking for submissions of new bottle designs that "symbolize how people around the world will connect in the next 140 years." Interested artists can download the design toolkit and template and upload designs through the Heineken facebook page. The winning design will be printed on the bottle and launched in an exclusive 140th anniversary limited edition pack. 

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