Five Favorite Bits of Wisdom from The Believer's Book of Advice: MILFs, Kanye, and More

Care to Make Love in That Gross Little Space Between Cars? isn't the sexiest of offerings, but it makes for a cringe/chuckle-inducing title for The Believer's new book of collected answers to burning questions from writers, funny people, musicians, other notables, and readers.

To be clear: This read isn't full of Forrest Gumpian "mama always said" sweet little -isms. When Zach Galifianakis and Weird Al give guidance, it's alternatingly funny, blunt, and refreshingly rude.

While the compendium is full of snarky responses to mostly silly requests for advice, a handful of its imparted wisdoms are sure to stay with us forever (as good advice is wont to do). Here they are.

5. "MILF is a common acronym used by teenagers these days. It stands for 'Ugly Bitch Who Lies about Some Kid Calling Her a MILF.'" Louis C.K.'s thoroughly grumpy response to a woman who wondered whether she should take being called a "MILF" as complimentary or offensive. An editor's note above his section mentions that he was having a particularly bad day. We're okay with that, as enraged Louis C.K. is one of our favorite sides of the comedian.

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