Five Favorite Cocktails in Metro Phoenix

Choosing five of The Valley's best booze infused beverages isn't as easy as you'd imagine. As our weekly Cocktail Hour series proves, when it comes to finding a killer cocktail in Phoenix, our options are far from limited. 

After some serious consideration and some serious drinking, here are five of our local faves. And if we left one in the dust, be sure to share the cocktail wealth in the comment section below.

5. The No. 1 at Windsor

Using a fresh watermelon puree and a vanilla mint simple syrup, its no wonder The No. 1 finds a place on our list. This refreshing concoction tastes identical to biting into a juicy watermelon, making drinking it, well, almost too easy-- but we can't complain about that.
Here's the recipe.

4. Spiced Rum & Gingerale at Tuck Shop

A simple concoction of homemade gingerale and spiced rum, Tuck Shop makes mixing a perfect cocktail look easy. But the secret to this simple genius is in their hand crafted gingerale and let's just say, we'll leave that one to the professionals.
Get the recipe here.

3. The Serrano-Mango Margarita at Canteen Modern Tequila

The thought of garnishing a cocktail with a sprig of cilantro sounds pretty weird. That is, until you meet the Serrano-Mango Margarita. Using Serrano infused blanco tequila and a fuzzy mango puree, this sweet and spicy refresher opens our minds and makes our taste buds tango.
Recipe here.

2. The Whiskey-Berry Sour at SideBar 

Muddled blueberries and whiskey are two sure ways to win our hearts. Together in a glass over ice? Lets just call it love.
Recipe here.

1. The Hummer at Kitchen 56

Using a cool new liquor called Hum Botanical Spirit, champagne and ginger beer, The Hummer at Kitchen 56 is not only super hip, it's totally delicious.
Recipe here

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