Five Fitness Fashion Trends We're Looking Forward to in 2012

Not all Phoenix fun comes with dim lighting and fancy cocktails. Sometimes, there's nothing better than endorphins, sunshine, and sweat. Lover of all things outdoors, The Outsider explores the more natural side of Phoenix.
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It's the week of making lists:

best of lists

, fashion lists,

resolution lists

, and more. But in fitness it seems not much changes. The races and games stay the same every year, so there's not a lot of inspiration to log the greatest developments and achievements in fitness.

Surprisingly, when it comes to fitness fashion, there are definitely some trends worth noting. Did you notice the increasing number of people purchasing neon yellow jerseys and shorts? What about those silly looking toe shoes? Those most definitely hit the fitness scene hard in 2011. And we have to thank the fitness fashionistas of the 80's for elaborate leotards and leg warmers. Fitness fashion changes every year, and this year we're staying on top of what is hot (and also aero). 

Find the top five fitness trends to look for in 2012, after the jump. 

5. The only appropriate response to a year saturated in neon yellows, pinks, and greens is to embrace the opposite. Blacks and whites are in this year and we recommend saturating yourself in either color. You can still have small pops of neon (we like neon zippers and shoes), but stick with monochrome for the top and bottom.There is one catch -- don't ever, and we mean EVER, wear white shorts, bibs, leggings, or bottoms. Sweat, friction, and white don't mix well. 

Visit Tribe Multi Sport.

4. As long as they don't mess with your performance, accessories are in this year. Headband and sweatband vendors are littering the fitness and health expos with bright colors and quirky patterns. Try having some fun with headbands, hats, arm warmers, socks, laces, and wrist-wear (watches, bracelets, and even tattoos). 

We suggest hitting etsty and the blogosphere for some interesting accessories. We really like these headbands from EverydayGrey on Etsy.com as well as Saucony's accessories. Or visit Sole Sports

3. It seems that stores are slowly starting to stock up on very subtle, urban-inspired patterns

 like the Bike Cyclone Vapor jacket shown to the left. The key to the trend is subtle -- you want people to look twice. This may be a hipper version of the floral, feminine, and loud prints of 2011.  

Visit Road Runner Sports, Runner's Den, or Slippery Pig.  

2. If patterns aren't your thing, we're also seeing a strong movement towards a clean, polo-meets-country-meets-cycling look. The trend, heavily inspired by Rapha's clean styles, looks classy, serious, and fast -- great for the committed but still stylish fitness devotee.

Visit www.rapha.cc or head to Bike Haus for some ideas.

1. If you can't invest in the newest trends of 2012, we suggest you just start growing your hair out. Beards are in. There is nothing cooler than a skinny and buff athlete with a burly beard. And ladies, the theory has been passed along to you, too. Forget the short, pixie cuts. Long hair is in, but don't start treating your workout like a fashion show. Rock your long, lovely locks in a high bun.  

Need some fitness fashion inspiration? A good place to start is learn what not to wear. Visit WTF Kits for cycling fashion faux pas and a good laugh.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.