Five Great Boxing Moments Outside of the Ring

The US Airways Center has played host to some of the Valley's biggest event, but this Friday, the downtown arena welcomes its biggest guest, Jesus.

No, we're not talking about the skinny, bearded messiah from Bethlehem. We're talking about 26-year old Phoenician boxer Jesus "El Martillo" Gonzalez, a hard-hitting southpaw vying for the NABF Super Middleweight Title against Francisco Sierra live on ESPN.

Since turning pro in 2003, Gonzalez has won 26 of 27 fights, fourteen of which were by knockout. However, his only loss--an eighth-round KO delivered by Jose Luis Zertuche--nearly cost him his career.

Following the Zertuche fight, Gonzalez's father, Ernie Gonzalez, decked Top Rank official Peter McKinn in the face. The incident resulted in the fighter's yearlong suspension, and was followed by a contract dispute that ultimately kept the fighter out of the ring for nearly two additional years.

But the Mexican-American boxer is back on track to becoming "the next Oscar De La Hoya," and hopefully, Jesus'll be the only Gonzalez throwing punches that night.

If he's not, however, it's no big deal; we love boxing brawls that happen outside of 12-rounds. In fact, we love them so much that we came up with a list of the five greatest boxing moments outside of the ring.

5) Mike Tyson Goes Threatens a "Punk White Boy"

Mike Tyson's a badass. Sure he's a little crazy, but there's no denying the fact that he's a boss. He's also a hopeless romantic, even promised the "punk white boy" he'd make love to him.

4) Fernando Vargas and Ricardo Mayorga Brawl at Pre-fight Press Conference

Oldest trick in the book, provoke your opponent to throw punches at the press conference by starting a sentence with, "I'm going to show your girlfriend..."

3) Larry Holmes Kicks Trevor Berbick in a Parking Lot Brawl

Larry Holmes isn't a boxer. Larry Holmes is a damn giant. We've never seen anyone walk on the roof of a car with such grace.

2) Amir Khan and Paulie Malignaggi Fight at Weigh-in

Amir Khan must've told Paulie Malignaggi that his spray-tan was starting to streak. Those are finding words in the Jersey Shore.

1) Riddick Bowe's One-Two Step

Worst thing about Larry Donald getting a combo to the chin, he ended up losing the fight in 12 rounds by unanimous decision. Poor dude.

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