Five Must-Attend Arts and Culture Events This Week in Metro Phoenix

We know. The beginning of the work week sucks. But if you take a quick look at the New Times calendar, you'll see we have plenty of art haps, sporting events, dance parties, and more. Here are the must-attend events from now to the weekend.

Monday, May 13: Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Atlanta Braves @ Chase Field When Justin Upton visits Chase Field this week, it will mark the first time in his young career that he does so as an Arizona Diamondbacks opponent. And what an opponent he's shaping up to be. Upton leads the majors in long balls and, thus far, has been the backbone of an Atlanta Braves club that got off to a blistering start.

Maybe the 25-year-old's MVP-caliber play is ironclad evidence that the years of trade rumors took their toll on him during his tenure here, shackling a superstar in waiting. Or maybe it's just more of the fool's gold that D-backs fans have come to expect from him. Either way, he's an Atlanta Brave now and no doubt looks to make it abundantly clear during Monday's matchup by driving home plenty of reminders along the way. -- Rob Kroehler

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Tuesday, May 14: Topia @Desert Botanical Garden When nature plays the muse of the artist, the results are often stunning. We've seen landscapes captured by photographer Ansel Adams and botanicals portrayed by painter Georgia O'Keeffe that are iconic images in the art world.

This summer, nature inspires Topia, a ballet created by Ballet Arizona's artistic director Ib Andersen and set to Beethoven's Symphony No. 6. From Tuesday, May 14, through Saturday, June 1, Andersen's dancers will transform an 80-foot panoramic stage at the Desert Botanical Garden into a natural venue and an artistic conversation with the environment. -- Claire Lawton

Wednesday, May 15: DaVinci Scholar Series @ Arizona Science Center This month Arizona Science Center and ASU's Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies team up to up your I.Q. In conjunction with the Science Center's exhibit "Da Vinci - The Genius," the organizations present a weekly Leonardo-centric lecture series that will touch on different aspects of the brainiac-artist-inventor's life and times.

The da Vinci Scholar Series continues every Wednesday in May from 5:30 to 9 p.m. May 15's lecturer will discuss art and anatomy in relation to the Renaissance man. -- Becky Bartkowski

Thursday, May 16: No Festival Required Presents Unfinished Spaces If you ever arrive in Cuba with an appetite for some kickass architecture, put the National Art Schools project on your must-see list. If a ticket to Cuba's not on your horizon, make a note to get to Bragg's Pie Factory at 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 16.

The campus was envisioned by three young artists and commissioned by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara in the early 1960s. Constructed on top of a former golf course in Havana, the architectural masterpiece was home to artists, dancers, and musicians from around the country. Soon after the campus was nearly complete, the Revolution peaked, and Art Schools was forgotten and abandoned.

Decades later, the project was rediscovered, re-inhabited, and revisited by Castro and architects, who are now subjects of Unfinished Spaces. No Festival Required hosts the free screening. -- Claire Lawton

Friday, May 17: Almost Famous Theater Company Presents Nunsense It's not every day you come across a musical comedy is based on a line of greeting cards. (Hallmark sure doesn't market a glittery mailer for the occurence, anyway.) But such is the case with Dan Goggin's 1985 Off-Broadway hit Nunsense.

At ASU Kerr Cultural Center through Saturday, May 18, Almost Famous Theater Company runs with the sisterly storyline, which incorporates characters who originated on said cards. See, the surviving Little Sisters of Hoboken need to raise some dough -- enough to bury the 52 other women of God who bit the dust because of tainted vichyssoise. So, they host a talent showcase.

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