Five Must-Attend Lectures in January

You know what they say (and what's perfectly true) about New Year's resolutions: They're easy to make and even easier to break. Getting to the gym ends up a pain in the ass, going hiking gets overshadowed by that teeming Netflix queue, and saving more money will continually fall by the wayside as long as local boutiques keep stocking their racks and shelves with "want it"-worthy goods.

So how about something a little easier? While evolving into a nerdier being isn't the most common of resolutions, it's less daunting than dropping those pesky extra pounds. And it helps that the greater Phoenix area is home to a bevy of brainiacs who constantly present new ideas, research, and findings in the fields of literature, science, and math.

All you have to do? Show up.

Whether you're looking to become an expert on a subject or just want to have something to wow your pals with over drinks, here are five lectures for aspiring poindexters during January.

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Becky Bartkowski is an award-winning journalist and the arts and music editor at New Times, where she writes about art, fashion, and pop culture.
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