Five Must-Attend Lectures in July

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Shine up those spectacles, aspiring poindexters, because there are plenty of ways to up your I.Q. in July. Here are five lectures that will fit the brainy bill.

5. "300 Years of Space Exploration: What Have We Learned About Earth's Closest Planet Neighbor, Mars?" @ Arizona Science Center We will readily, humbly admit that the extend of our Mars knowledge (some of which is undoubtedly too fun to be true) is derived mainly from Mars Attacks! and the theories of one Fox Mulder. Thankfully, ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration doctoral candidate Christopher Edwards will expand our planetary horizons when he discusses what data collected about our outer space neighbor means for our future with the planet, and its potential as a vacation destination. Edwards will also present a visual tour of the solar system during his lecture at Arizona Science Center on Friday, July 6, at 7 p.m. Admission is free.

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