Five Must-See Arts and Culture Events This Week

We know, the beginning of the work week sucks. But if you take a quick look at the calendar, you'll see we're off to a pretty good week of art events, sports games, dance parties, and more. Here are our must-see events from now to the weekend...

Monday, November 19: Miradas: Insights From the Backroads of a Hidden Country @ Heard Museum If you're reading this, it's probable that you picked up our latest issue surrounded by inescapable marvels of technology and industrialism. Cars and trucks filled with cell-phone-toting materialists whiz by in succession to the beat of competitive drums. With the exception of an occasional trek to the Rim or Grand Canyon (and even then), we rarely come close to an iota of humanistic serenity.

Thanks to photographer Juan Diego Perez Arias, we get a glimpse of true purity and solitude in his latest contribution "Miradas: Insights From the Backroads of a Hidden Country." Here we peek into the lives and surroundings of indigenous Ecuadorians through Arias' vibrant color stills that capture a true culture unscathed by satellite-programmed influence.

In longstanding tradition, the Heard Museum, 2301 North Central Avenue, adds another piece of postmodern history to its collection for us not just to appreciate but to aid in distinguishing necessity from desire. -- Craig Smith

Tuesday, November 20: Idiomatic Sequences @ Gallery 100 To see the latest batch of talent emerging from Arizona State University's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, look no further than Gallery 100 on Tuesday, November 20.

Drawing majors, including JeanRene Broe, Kathryn Herrick, Michael Holmes, Kristine Ponte, Aimee Shelton, and fibers major Jordan Vance will showcase their latest work in "Idiomatic Sequences," a bachelor of fine arts thesis show that varies in medium, subject, and style. According to the students, the exhibition merges "the parallel and intersecting art lines of 2D-traditional, digital drawing, and physical material-based art." -- Claire Lawton

Wednesday, November 21: Defending the Caveman @ Phoenix Theatre Paleolithic dieting (or noshing on animal protein and edible plants that would have been available to prehistoric man) has caught fire in the past few years. Whether you've joined the craze or not, you can further kick it old school by catching the hit one-man show Defending the Caveman on Thursday, November 1, at 8 p.m.

Phoenix Theatre's take on the solo show that still reigns as the longest running Broadway show of its kind might touch upon the appetite of primitive man, but it's much more about connecting the dots between how men relate to women and the world around them and the days of loincloths and knuckle-dragging. Valley actor and Renaissance man Gene Ganssle tackles the title role written and originated by comedian Rob Becker. -- Jose Gonzalez

Thursday, November 22: RedMonkey: Work That Turkey @ Monarch Theater Thanksgiving is a time for traditions both good and bad, whether it involves gathering at grandmama's house for the annual government-sanctioned gorge on mashed potatoes and stuffing or tolerating your creepy uncle's yearly onslaught of awful jokes. Meanwhile, local house music godfather Pete "SuperMix" Salaz will once again be staging his Turkey Day tradition, the annual RedMonkey dance party at the Monarch Theatre, 122 East Washington Street, on Thursday, November 22. As in year's past, the Thanksgiving night throwdown is subtitled "Work That Turkey" and will feature Salaz and a few of his nearest and dearest laying down house music hits in abundance.

And since the holidays are all about reuniting with long-lost members of your kith and kin, Salaz will be bringing out some of the local scene's prodigal sons to the event, including Valley expat Eddie Amador and onetime Bombshelter DJs member Emile Ananian. Local selector Ehouse will also perform. The all-night event runs from 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. Admission is $10. -- Benjamin Leatherman

Friday, November 23: The Art of the Phoenix @ The Sagrado On Friday, November 23, more than 20 local artists present their visions, interpretations, and sightings of the Phoenix.

Artists Lalo Cota, Pablo Luna, Breeze One, Jules Demetrius, Ray Rivas, Djentrification, Albert Rodriguez, James Hiralez, Damian Amoros, Julia Duran, 2Des, Peter Votichenko, Teodoro, Queen Loopy, Randy B., Billy Acero, Closer, Tariq, Ashley Macias, Samuel Gomez, Angelica, and Niba are all very familiar with the Phoenix, a bird found in literature by Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Egyptians, and Arabians. It was known as a firebird, one that built itself a nest of twigs, burst into flames, disintegrated, and rose anew from its own ashes at the end of every life cycle. Our city was named in the 1860s because it rose from land once inhabited by the Hohokam.

"The Art of the Phoenix" is on view at The Sagrado, 1023 Northwest Grand Avenue, a gallery/boutique that's directed by Jay "Tranzo" Olivas and Samuel Gomez, and curated by painter El Moises. -- By Claire Lawton

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