Five Must-See Events This Week

We know, Monday sucks. But if you take a quick look at the calendar, you'll see we're off to a pretty good week of art events, sports games, dance parties, and more. Here are our must-see events from now to the weekend...

Monday, August 20: The Birth of HP Lovecraft Party feat. Christian Michael Filardo, & Hug of War @ Trunk Space See also: The Cult of the Yellow Sign on Doomsday Plans, Potluck Orgies, and Birthday Party for Author H.P. Lovecraft H.P. Lovecraft was a bit of an odd duck, to say the least. The late horror and sci-fi scribe, who shuffled loose the mortal coil in 1937, not only loathed smiling, but also had a weird thing for cats, and was a bit of both a racist and misogynist who abhorred sex.

Then there was his fear of oceanic life, in particular terrifying creatures of the dark and deep waters. Hence his most infamous creation, the malevolent, multi-tentacled demigod known as Lord Cthulu.

The freaky fanatics of local tounge-in-cheek "doomsday cult" the Cult of the Yellow Sign will attempt to summon the cosmic entity from the Stygian depths of R'lyeh, albeit in humorous fashion, during The Birth of H.P. Lovecraft Party on Monday, August 20, at Trunk Space, 1506 Grand Avenue. Even if the "Deep One" doesn't show up, the event celebrating the life and eerie oeuvre of the author will include readings of Lovecraft-inspired poetry by Neil Gearns, Richard Bledsoe, and The Klute, as well as music from Christian Michael Filardo, and Hug of War. Plus, many cupcakes will be sacrificed to the gods of hunger. Admission is $6. -- Benjamin Leatherman

Tuesday, August 21: CRAP ride @ Tempe Beach Park Ending a group bike ride at a restaurant is kind of like holding a hotdog in front of a fat kid on a treadmill. It offers incentive, makes the experience more fun, and leads to the replenishment of all burned calories. Excellent.

Tempe's weekly CRAP ride expands on that idea, bringing exercise, fun, food, and booze together for one endorphin-filled adventure. Every Tuesday cyclists wheel out for a 15-or-so mile joy ride with a no-drop policy. CRAP, which is short for Car Resistance Action Party, is led by co-founder Ryan Guzy, who's also president of Tempe Bicycle Action Group (TBAG). Guzy stresses that they never leave anyone behind. "It's not a race. It's mostly about the social aspect --riding with friends," Guzy says. -- Kelsey Havens

Wednesday, August 22: "Collecting Arizona" @ ASU Art Museum The best-laid staycation plans gang aft agley, and ours ganged majorly agley. We need a culture break even more desperately than usual, and meanwhile, the ambitiously retentive school-year routine has pulled out of the station once again. So we're sneaking off to the secret oasis of all that's classy, ASU Art Museum, to partake of its annual family-friendly summer mega-exhibition while it lasts. This year, it's "Collecting Arizona," a panorama of creative works both by our homegrown artists and about our Centennial-partyin' state, its culture, people, image, and delights, from history as well as in the now. -- Julie Peterson

Thursday, August 23: [email protected] Workshop @ MADE Art Boutique See also: Jackalope Ranch's Pin Up Girl Archives

If anyone understands how Pinterest and Martha Stewart have inspired your scribbling that to-craft list on a notebook you made from recycled cereal boxes covered in ombre glitter, it's hands-on project extraordinaire Laura Gill. Gill has contributed to New Times blogs Chow Bella and Jackalope as the resident Pinterest pro, taking on everything from homemade gummies to doily lamps.

Now, the Pinup Girl brings projects to the public with [email protected], a third Thursday workshop she leads at Made Art Boutique, 922 North Fifth Street. Inspired by Magaret McGuire, Alicia Kachmar, and Katie Hatz's book Microcrafts, Gill's class on Thursday, August 23, will focus on making teeny, tiny things, like ladybugs and cake buntings. Class participation is $25, which includes all materials. -- Becky Bartkowski

Thursday, August 23: Loni Love @ Stand Up Scottsdale

Comedian Loni Love believes you should ignore the people who tell you that you can't make it. She thinks you should change your negative to a positive. By her logic, you're not fat. You're full! You're not ugly; you have a unique look! You're not dumb; you think differently! You're not unemployed; you're on vacation!

Love has plenty of reason to be positive. She rushedonto the comedy scene in 2003, she's been all over the place: Comedy Central Presents, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, VH1′s I Love the '80s, and E!'s Wildest TV Show Moments. Her first hour-long special, America's Sister, premiered on Comedy Central in 2010, and she's currently a regular panelist on the E! show Chelsea Lately. She'll bring her buoyant outlook -- you're responsible for the laughs -- to Stand Up Scottsdale for a weekend of shows. Tickets are $12-18. -- Zachary Fowle

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