Five Must-See Pool Parties in Scottsdale This Weekend

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Liquid Pool Party @ Clarion Scottsdale If you missed out on last month's epic Relentless Beach at the Clarion, we've got some good news. This chic Scottsdale Road hotel will host another big-time bash on Saturday, which will feature the similarly stellar selection of DJs and drinks around the pool. Benjamin Cutswell, Slippe, and Red Bull Thre3style finalist D-JR will be in the mix all afternoon and evening. Meanwhile, bikini-clad bartenders from several Old Town establishments (including El Hefe, Dollhouse, and Axis/Radius) will serve such specialty cocktails as the "Luna Drop" and "Liquid Assets" until 1 p.m. Gates open at noon. Admission starts at $10.

OH Pool @ Hotel Valley Ho Poolside celebrations are scheduled to take place every single weekend through late September at the Valley Ho's adjacent swanky swimming oasis. Some are reserved for only registered guests of the Scottsdale inn, such as the Session Saturdays affairs, which feature music from DJ Mr. P-Body from 1:30-5:30 p.m. The pool's Happy Hour Fridays -- offering live music, $6 specialty cocktails, and $3 beers -- and City Sundays events are open to the general public, however.

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