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Five of Our Favorite Arcade Games From ZapCon in Downtown Phoenix

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NARC Old-school gamers remember the period in the late '80s and early '90s when practically every arcade unit featured the FBI-approved message "Winners don't use drugs," which would pop up onscreen before you started pumping in quarters. This 1988 shoot-'em-up took things a step further and allowed players to clean up the streets from a narcotics-peddling drug syndicate via a pair of uzi-toting cops. As is the norm for Midway/Williams games of this era (like Smash TV, Total Carnage, and Mortal Kombat), it's an ultra-violent experience filled with blood and boobs. One can fill the screen with flaming body parts after firing a volley of rocket-propelled grenades at enemies while buxom prostitutes vamp it up in the background.

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