Five Rave-Worthy Fashion Trends We're Tired of Seeing

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The scene at yesterday's Identity Festival at Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion was plenty colorful, to say the least. Thousands of energetic EDM fans gathered at the West Valley outdoor venue to wile away the afternoon and evening with some frenetic dancing and fist pumping.

Since the festival was akin to a rave on steroids, many in attendance sported rainbow-colored array of extremely bright and vibrant clothing and accessories. While such things are the norm for your average dance party, there were (more than) a few "fashionable" rave trends we're still tired of seeing

5. Candy Kid Bracelets It's a safe bet that rave kids will never have cold arms, especially since they tend to load up fairly heavily with these multicolored beaded accessories. But can we address practicality? Can you really pump your fists in the air with that many beads on your arms?

4. Man Makeup Like Thomas Rainer of Nachtmahr says, there's often a war on the dance floor, but that doesn't mean you need to sport actual war paint. Leave the face decorating for the fair.

3. Pacifiers According to raver lore, these infantile objects became a trademark accessory at underground dance parties to keep one from grinding their teeth while rolling on ecstasy. It also has the unfortunate side effect of making one look like a man-child ... or a member of the ABDL lifestyle.

2. Native American Headdresses Somewhere, a Village People tribute band is missing one of its members. And, in all likelihood, the Indian from that infamous Public Service Announcement from the 1970s is crying his eyes out.

1. Anything with YOLO on it Although "You Only Live Once," as the overused slogan goes, you're sorta torturing the rest of us with this increasingly tired acronym.

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