Five Realistic Fitness Resolutions

Not all Phoenix fun comes with dim lighting and fancy cocktails. Sometimes, there's nothing better than endorphins, sunshine, and sweat. Lover of all things outdoors, The Outsider explores the more natural side of Phoenix.

That's it. No more late-night pizza runs and 8-hour WOW and cookie dough binges. It's resolution season, and this year we have five resolutions (and local solutions) worth sticking to.

1. Get Buff
Your skinny hipster days of cigarettes and pizza are over. It's time to get the ripped arms and jacked legs you thought only underwear models could have. It really just takes diligence. 

Make It Happen: Get a gym membership and pump some iron at least four times per week. Most gyms offer a free personal training session with a membership so you can learn the basics. The key is to push yourself. When you think you've had enough, lift more. Extremely sore? Good. If you get bored, start going to classes or hire a personal trainer for a few sessions. Increase your protein intake and incorporate some cardio. 

We recommend: 
Weight Training at the Duce
Fit Body Bootcamps

Find more resolution suggestions after the jump. 

4. Do a Triathalon

You can't be good at everything, but you can be good at three sports combined into one which is pretty dang impressive if you ask us. If you want to feel like the master of fitness in 2012, then do a triathalon. Before long, you'll be calling yourself an ironman.

Make it Happen: The key to triathalon training is creating a schedule and sticking to it diligently. Give yourself plenty of time to train, and consider hiring a temporary coach or attending a training camp. To many, the swim is the most challenging part so be sure to work on your stroke. It's also important to get used to combining the sports. Be sure to schedule two workouts a day, one from each category.

We recommend:
The Havasu Triathalon (March)
The Nathan Tempe Triathalon (September)

3. Become a Yoga Fanatic 
After a chaotic 2011, it may be time to work on your inner zen. Or maybe you've got the fitness part covered, but flexibility is important too. Either way, it's a good goal that offers great benefits: flexibility, peace of mind, and sleek muscles.

Make It Happen: Find a nearby, convenient studio that offers classes of all levels. Studios vary in grade of spirituality, so do a little research. Many studios allow first timers to try a class for free. After you've picked a spot, try anything with Level 1, hatha, or gentle in the name. Remember to take it slow, and keep showing up every week.

We recommend:
SuTRA Midtown (Phoenix)
At One Yoga (Scottsdale)

2: Lose 10 Pounds
You've said it for years and you'll say it again. But this year will be your year -- the year you lose that extra 10 pounds. Besides, you have a whole year. That's like .03 pounds a day ... easy-peasy. 

Make It Happen: You need a support group. Join the dieting blogosphere, recruit a friend, or join a weight-loss group. It's crucial to have someone you can talk to about any struggles or accomplishments with your diet. Now go buy some nutrition books and cookbooks and go grocery shopping. Stocking up will get you motivated. From here, it just takes a little research and a lot of discipline. We have faith you can get your jiggly butt down a few pounds.

We recommend:
Hit the Farmers Market for fruits and vegetables.
My Fitness Pal (an app and website for food/exercise logging)

1. Run a Marathon
If celebrities can do it, so can you. It just takes proper training and preparation. The best part is after you've completed your goal, you can rock one of those fancy 26.2 bumper stickers on the back of your Subaru. 

Make It Happen: Pick a race, make a schedule, and join a running group. Most local running shops host several weekly group runs and many of these runs focus on training for a particular race. Click here for more tips on endurance training. 

We recommend:
The Phoenix Marathon (March)
The Tucson Marathon (December) 

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