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Five Shows on Our The '90s Are All That Wishlist

Cashing in on the (ever younger) nostalgia market is proving to be seriously lucrative. There's a Footloose reboot, a '90s music revival (note: not sugary pop, but moody grunge), and dressing like Seinfeld's Elaine Benes is all the rage.

It's easy to ignore or honestly be unaware of the majority of it, but TeenNick's nightly nostalgic The '90s Are All That lineup struck a cord with 20-somethings.

The premium cable channel launched the late-night block with All That and Kenan and Kel, quickly adding two more rotating shows into the midnight to 2 a.m. mix. As of this week's schedule the two additional shows are Doug and Clarissa Explains It All.

Lucky for obsessives, TeenNick is all too aware that its viewers' love runs deeper than just four shows from Nickelodeon's glory days. So, starting on Friday, October 7, it's relaunching U Pick with Stick. Every Friday night the station airs episodes -- ranging from Rugrats and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters to Hey Dude and Clarissa -- that are voted on by viewers via the channel's website.

Since we love TV too much, and will most certainly spend excessive amounts of time voting on episodes we want to watch, check out our The '90s Are All That Wishlist for shows that we want permanently added to the nightly lineup after the jump.

5. The Secret World of Alex Mack

Yeah, yeah. Alex Mack replaced beloved fashionista Clarissa in the SNICK lineup back in 1994. But there's no need to hold it against her, because Alex had some envy-inducing super powers, including turning into a puddle of water and telekinesis. All courtesy of nearly being run over by a truck, which, instead of killing her, douses her in power-giving glop. Also! Jessica Alba plays Jessica -- Alex's nemesis. So good.

4. My Brother and Me

The adventures of elder brother Alfie and mildly annoying youngster Dee Dee were sometimes touching, but mostly they taught viewers sassy catchphrases. "Don't hold your breath!" was probably the most notable. Also, remember Alfie's badass best buddy Goo? Holy shit. Goo Punch!

3. Salute Your Shorts

The show's title describes one of the many pranks the kiddos at Camp Anawanna played on each other. Specifically, a group of campers steals boxer shorts from another kid and runs them up the flagpole. Don't worry. It's not hazing. It's nostalgia! All in good fun. Get it right or pay the price!

2. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Don't even for a second act like this show didn't scare you. Any time The Midnight Society gathered around a campfire, things were about to get spooky. Just thinking about the haunted swimming pool episode, "Dead Man's Float," causes chills.

1. Legends of the Hidden Temple

The greatest game show ever invented? Yes. Yes. Yes. Think Indiana Jones meets Jeopardy. Six teams competed in physical challenges throughout a Mayan-style temple, and answered trivia questions. But ultimately only one pair had the chance to get all the way through the temple to retrieve the all-knowing Olmec's artifact.

Honorable mentions: Brotherly Love, GUTS, Pete and Pete, Wild and Crazy Kids, Double Dare, What Would You Do?

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