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Five Valentine's Day Gifts by Phoenix Artists

Oh yeah, Valentine's Day is just a month away, ​and you have it all in the bag -- except that you haven't actually thought about Valentine's Day because it comes so quickly after all those other holidays, and now you have to find something cute for someone cute. 

No need to fret. We have just the (local) solutions. Here are five Valentine's Day gifts made by Phoenix artists. 

1. "All You Need is Love" Men's Tee by Karina Manarin -- $22
This hand screen-printed tee by Tempe artist Karina Miller is just enough to spell it out  -- without having to get all gushy. Miller writes on her etsy page that she highlighted certain keys on each typewriter with red dye to spell her favorite lyric from The Beatles. Grab one here

2. Rose Rings by Chadwick The Jeweler
Phoenix jeweler Chadwick Uptain is known for his very cool, handmade and hand-casted sterling silver and pewter rings, necklaces and bracelets. For Valentine's Day, he's working on a line of sterling rose rings, custom made with one and two roses. Contact him for pricing here.  

3. Love cards by Hazel -- $3-4  
Valentines cards are a must from both parties, and simple, letterpress, and totally drool-worthy cards from Hazel will do just the trick. Each card is hand fed on a 1922 Chandler and Price platen press in downtown Phoenix and comes with a matching envelope. Grab one here.   

4. Love Birds Necklace by Ashley Weber of Against the Grain -- $62
We've been eyeing/drooling over goods from Against the Grain since we stumbled across their booth at last year's Crafeteria. The Phoenix-based accessory and paper good store released a Love Birds necklace that's handmade, cut, and soldered from sterling silver. Hello, love. Buy one here

5. A Squeaky Heart by Meowadays --$12
No one's judging if your pet's your Valentine -- and it still wants a gift. Check out Meowaday's handmade, crocheted pet toys, including the very realistic heart toy. Note: this one's meant for a smaller bread of dog, but the Meowadays also has very fitting chew toys for small (and large) cats, including crocheted, squeaky penises, boobs, and nunchucks. Grab one here

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Claire Lawton
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