Five Ways to Get Kicked out of the Waste Management Phoenix Open

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3. Fall asleep in the bleachers

It's three o'clock in the afternoon and you've been watching golf since 10 a.m. You're probably a little bit buzzed and it's sunny and warm. You're probably thinking, "What a great time to close my weary eyes for just a moment." You might this couldn't harm anyone but to the contrary, they can and will have you removed. Crack a Red Bull and power through.

2. Yell or make loud noises

Particularly at the 16th hole, where fans engage in all sorts of cheering, it could be easy to forget that distracting the players while they're actually playing is not allowed. Play it safe by following signs and not initiating any stadium-wide chants yourself. Don't worry, they'll be busting out a well-coordinated wave any minute.

1. Throw anything on the green

It's been over a decade since the Tiger Woods citrus incident when a spectator threw an orange on the green while he was putting. He swore he'd come back, but never has and that's why tossing anything -- edible or not -- on to the green has to be the number one way to get yourself excused from the Valley's biggest golf party.

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