Five15 Arts Sends Out a Call for Artists

Tuesday, June 1.

There. That's your deadline.

Five15 Arts has put out a call for artists to apply for membership to the artist collective. So, if you're interested, you have four weeks to get it together (see more details after the jump).

And by "it" we mean this:

-- A one-page cover letter that indicates your interest and potential contribution

-- Current resume with contact info

-- Twelve images of work made within the last two years (jpegs @ 300dpi, videos also accepted)

-- A brief artist statement

-- List of three references (name, phone and email of two professional and one personal)

All of this will give you the chance to join Five15, a well-established art gallery along Roosevelt Street.

And, if they accept you, membership scores you a month-long solo exhibition and at least one group show -- with a built-in audience of Artlink's First Friday attendees, of course.

Members are expected to take an active role by participating in monthly meetings, paying dues, and running the gallery space during the solo exhibition.

Mail your application to Five15 Arts (515 East Roosevelt Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004) by Tuesday, June 1.

Okay, now get to it.

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