Flavor Flay

Kristine Flaherty is a white suburbanite female who holds two undergraduate degrees from Stanford. She's also K. Flay, an acclaimed up-and-coming hip-hop star. Given that her background is about as urban as a Bob Ross painting, Flay's success in the sometimes misogynistic world of hip-hop epitomizes unlikeliness.

Initially delving into rap hoping to expose its flaws through parody, Flaherty found herself enjoying the songwriting process so much that she decided to make a go of it. By the time the Chicago native had wrapped up her Ivy League years, she had amassed a rabid Bay Area following and some certified hip-hop cred. But unlike many contrarians who subvert the conventional just to garner quick attention, Flay is more bite than bark; all stomp, no pomp.

Tue., April 10, 8 p.m., 2012
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