Flesh Forward

The average non-Arizonan might view Phoenix as the type of place where recalled Republican senators nab top GOP positions and horse-faced chief executives wag pasty fingers at the President. They wouldn’t exactly be wrong. But liberalism and freedom of expression are always alive and well at Alwun House’s annual “Exotic Art Show,” kicking off with the Exotic Phantasmagorical Spectacular on Friday, February 10, at 1204 East Roosevelt Street. “It’s not intended to be salacious,” says co-founder Kim Moody. “The show allows every person to explore the fantasy in their minds.” Even if those fantasies involve naughty needlepoint or anatomically-correct plants.

This year’s opener features body painter Mark Greenawalt, burlesque troupe Provocatease, tribal belly dancers, and the Austen Mack Quartet. Interactive videos will be projected on the cloth ceiling above the audience, and Joe the Balloon Pimp will be on hand to twist his latex stash into sexy shapes.

Feb. 10-March 9, 7 p.m., 2011
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Wynter Holden
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