Flipped Bird, Jewely Ya and Dos Fannies at Muse Apparel

Victoria Lindley opened Muse Apparel, a neighborhood boutique at 7th Street and Glendale five years ago. She says with nothing like it around for miles, she quickly became the go-to place for the North Central crowd looking for chic staples like Michael Stars t-shirts, Ella Moss' flirty tops and fitted Hudson Jeans.

But Muse doesn't stop there, and Lindley's reach is now much further than Central Corridor. She's collected locally made jewelry, beach cover-ups from Bali, Commando (yes, they are invisible) Underwear and well, as Lindley says, "I've got something for every stylish woman from 8th grade to one foot in the grave!"

We recently found Lindley unpacking boxes of black lace blouses and greeting customers. Luckily for us, she stopped for a minute to dish on her shop, her muse and the secret to her success.

What's behind the name "Muse?"

I wanted a name that reflected me. I have an art degree and in the past I have been a "muse" to many artists I have known, so the name was something I was comfortable with.

So who is your muse or inspiration?

I love Lilly Pulitzer! I also like the classic style of Ralph Lauren and Trina Turk.

What makes Muse such a unique shopping experience?

I get to know my customers because I'm a neighborhood boutique. I know their names and their style, I think about them when I go to the LA market and in a way I'm also their personal shopper. I try to carry clothes that are affordable, fit well, are age appropriate and contemporary.

Do you carry any local designers?
I try to have as many as I can -- the Flipped Bird bags are made locally and are really popular, and lots of my jewelry is made here too, like Jewel Ya and Emily Somers. Dos Fannies is a fabulous line of re-purposed earrings, bracelets and necklaces, and I love their slogan "We're two ladies sittin' on our asses making jewelry!"

Any must-have items for summer and fall?
Anything neon and nautical is pretty hot right now. In the fall you'll see a lot of lace, the color brown will be huge, and styles that are inspired by menswear -- tailored jackets and structured dresses.

What's next at Muse?

In June I start a favorite project we do every summer -- we collect bottled water and give it to Waste NOT. (Every customer who brings in a case of bottled water gets $20 off on purchases over $100.)

Muse Apparel is at 742 E. Glendale Avenue (in the shopping center on the NE corner of 7th Street & Glendale Ave.)

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