Flor-Ascent, First Friday, PHX AM, Wolfgang Gartner, and Pinky Tuscadero Over the Weekend

Flor-Ascent in Photos On Saturday night, Piestewa Peak was lit with the costumes of several hikers decked out in LED lights and glowsticks. At least 25 people (members of the Arizona Cacophony Society) made the hike to the summit of the mountain, where a sprawling view of the valley at night awaited them. Some hikers brought balloons with them in hopes of 'lightening the load' on the steep hike to the top, while others brought a shot of whiskey to share upon reaching the summit. Participants wore everything from hulu skirts lit with 99 cent flashlights to Tron-like outfits made of blue glowsticks to light the rocky path ahead of them...see photos

10th Annual PHX AM Skateboard Contest in Photos A multitude of chairmans of the board headed to the Desert West Skateboard Plaza this weekend to kick flip and trick their way to victory in the 10th annual PHX AM skateboard contest presented by Cowtown Skateboards. See all the wicked tricks for yourself...see photos

First Friday April 2011 This month's First Friday brought many new things to the art-walk table. It seemed as if everyone was off celebrating their April Fool's Day elsewhere this weekend. The number of people that typically attend the event was slimmed down, but the vendors seemed to have multiplied. White tents were set up in numerous dirt lots aside from the normal locations, and of course, Conspire (Or Rainbow Unicorn Cafe...?) had a stage set up in the front AND back of the building, taking up most of the hang out room for the regulars. A few galleries seemed to have drawn more attention in than normal, including Slideshow and Klang. The event deserves kudos on trying something new, but would have been made better if more people would've just shown up...see photos

Pinky Tuscadero's WhiteKnuckle AssFuck, The Smoky Mountain Skullbusters, and Blanche Davidian at Yucca Tap Room There are two schools of thought when it comes to band reunion shows: 1. "Man, they're time is past. They broke up and should stay that way." 2. "Awesome. They're coming back to fuck shit up one more time. Righteous." Given a choice betwixt these two differing viewpoints, I'm gladly more in line with the latter rather than the former, especially when it comes to last night's show at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe featuring three of the more renowned punk bands in the Valley: Pinky Tuscadero's WhiteKnuckle AssFuck, The Smoky Mountain Skullbusters, and Blance Davidian...full story

Wolfgang Gartner at Marquee Theatre Last Night Wolfgang Gartner (a.k.a. Joey Youngman) took an interest to electronic music at an early age. Gartner taught himself how to DJ by making remixes with a recorder and tape deck when he was only 12 years old. In 2007, he began producing house and techno under the name Wolfgang Gartner...full story

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.