Flowers for the Rain on Calle 16

Flowers for the Rain on Calle 16

Who knows what the masterminds behind community-building Calle 16 will come up with if/when it snows, but for rain, they're decorating 16th Street from Thomas to Roosevelt streets with flowers.

So if you nabbed a few at Phoestivus last night or spy a few pretty ones in your (or your neighbor's yard), bring them over to Calle 16 and hang out with a few cool mural artists while you're at it.

Andf you want to grab flowers or seeds on your way, check out four nearby local spots after the jump ...

1. Baker International Nursery Inc., 3414 N. 40th St. in Phoenix. For more info and availability, call (602) 955-4500.
2. The Style Nursery 7120 N. 12th St. , Phoenix, AZ 85020, (602) 943-5313.
3. Southwest Gardner, 2809 N. 15th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85007, (602) 279-9510.
4. Or if you want the kind that don't require water (which do well here), check out the whimsicle floral arrangements at Kooky Krafts Shop, 1500 Grand Avenue, Phoenix.

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