Follow Friday: Funny Tweeters From #PHX

With Stand Up Live opening up a permanent home this weekend in downtown Phoenix, we bring you a list of our own favorite (and pretty damn funny) tweeters from Arizona.

After the jump, meet a few -- in no particular order -- that we recommend you follow ... if you ever feel like reading about something other than what your roommate had for breakfast on Twitter.

Name: LaDawn Driscoll

Reason to follow: She probably knows someone you know. Plus, she's adorable. "My twitter is really just random thoughts and observations about my day in the form of jokes," she explains, "They're the things I would be thinking to myself anyway, but now that we live in the future with the interwebs, thousands of people can share in my ridiculousness!"
Handle: ladawn
Tweets you can expect:

Name: Paul Emerson
Reason to follow: Says Paul, "I don't actually go places and do things as I am pretty boring IRL, but...I have always been a bit of a class clown, and I like being able to share anything that comes to mind that will make people smile. (I hope)."
Handle: emersunn
Tweets you can expect:

Name: Mark Dudlik
Reason to follow: "No one should follow me!" Dudlik says, "Don't mention me. I'm the worst. That's not my quote! I mean it! Ah!"
Handle: markdudlik
Tweets you can expect:

Name: Jose Gonzalez
Reason to follow: Jose (who, full disclosure, contributes to New Times' calendar section) admits he is still trying to find a way to say anything else except, "I tweet to make screwing up punch lines with typos an art form." and also, "Fart jokes."
Handle: jose602
Tweets you can expect:

Stephanie Sparer

Name: Morgan McNally
Reason to follow: McNally explains, "Nobody should follow me--I have a TERRIBLE sense of direction. Also: dick jokes."
Handle: saynomorgan
Tweets you can expect:

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Stephanie Sparer
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