Follow Friday: Phoenix Artists

Since downtown's First Friday is in full swing, we figured you should have some Arizona artists to follow today.

There's a lot to do this First Friday; from the to the Opening Reception at ASU's Vault Gallery, so you should probably go ahead and hit follow on these local artists before you head out for a night on the town.

After the jump, in no particular order, are some talented Phoenicians.

Artist: Peter Bugg
Reason to Follow: Peter Bugg has art on display right now at Eye Lounge. His work "Sweet & Low" is in the West Gallery until May 14.
Handle: bugglife

Artist: Joe Ray
Reason to Follow: Joe Ray has been a staple around the Phoenix art community for as long as anyone in the arts community can remember. His new project, "De Norte a Sur" at the After Hours Gallery is a collaboration with artist Gennaro Garcia.
Handle: JoeRayCr8iv

Artist: Hugo Medina
Reason to Follow: Hugo Medina's on a mission to save the Icehouse, slated to close at the end of the year. Keep track of all the benefits Medina is doing for his cause, like the group show on May 27.
Handle: Hugos_Art

After you follow these artists, go ahead and follow Jackalope Ranch on Facebook and Twitter.

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