For Book Lovers, Library of Congress Prints Now on Sale

The Library of Congress is our country's oldest federal cultural institution, which means they have a pretty amazing collection of stuff, including these bold and colorful prints that would make book lovers drool. 

You can, of course, browse the collection in person or online, or if you'd like to take one (or a few) home, you can order directly from The Library of Congress shop. 

Check out "Take Along a Book" by Minnesota artist Magnus Norstad. He created this poster of idyllic outdoor reading in the early 1900s. 

According to the Library of Congress, "Posters supporting reading have been a regular subject for American artists all through the 20th Century. The subject was particularly popular during the Works Progress Administration (WPA) which was in existence from 1935 to 1943." 

The library is the largest single holder of WPA posters, with more than 900 in its collection.
​Two posters from this era that are available as prints are  "Read the Books You've Always Meant To Read," and the assertive "Back to work -Back to School -Back to BOOKS."

Posters are available on archival-quality paper in three different sizes: 8-by-10 inches, 11-by-14 inches, or 16-by-20 inches. Prices range from $28 to 46, and the prints ship in three to four weeks.  

The library also has a quick-ship option for images that are in-stock and ready to go. Since these are not printed on demand, they are on their way in three to four days. The selection includes many famous photographs as well.

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