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For Rent: Studio/Gallery Space in The Longhouse in Roosevelt Row

The Longhouse Studios has been on Roosevelt Row for a while (by local gallery standards). The historic house opened as a gallery in 2003 and currently exhibits local artists Jason Lee Davis, Andi Davis, Jessi Davis. Rick Toerne, Lesli Englert Yazzie, Aubrie Ganem, Jasmine Cook, Matt Yazzie, and Lori Englert.

And come April 1, the gallery owners/operators are looking for some company. 

In the back of the house is 450 sq feet of space -- three rooms, one bathroom -- is available for $550 per month for local artists. 

The space has a private entrance in the back of the house, access to the backyard, and a three-car driveway. 

Rent includes electric, water, trash, wifi, and 5 gal bottled drinking water deliveries. And while the space is not available as a living space, The Longhouse's Lesli Yazzie says it would comfortably fit and showcase the work of two artists. 

The Longhouse is at 915 N 5th Street in Phoenix. For more information, call (602) 574-3957, email [email protected] or [email protected], or visit the Longhouse Studios Facebook page.

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Claire Lawton
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