Forever 21's "Desert Phoenix" Adds Plenty of Fugly Fashion to Spring

As if stocking teens at the mall (and throughout the greater area of south Scottsdale) with cheap polyester knockoffs and chunky plastic jewelry wasn't bad enough, corporate "fashion" giant Forever 21 rolled out its newest line ...

And we'd like an apology.

The line, Desert Phoenix, looks like the result of a one-stop inspiration trip to Globe circa 1995, and an intern who desperately wanted to make her name on bringing back western-ish, trashy grunge ... and all for under $40 a piece.


Take a masochistic peek at a few of the outfits, complete with notes, after the jump ...

1. Pretty sure we've covered phallic beanies before, but just in case ... your head looks like a ball sack, and are those pleather pants?

2. Because nothing quite says "Phoenix" like patchwork from Grandma's leftover potholders.

3. Don't worry, high-waist, acid-wash denim makes your butt looks awesome, and when it meets Gameboy chic, you're bound to land a cowboy between here and Yuma.

4. At this point, you're going to need some form of self-defense. Solution: studded (and breathable!), chunky ass shoes.

5. Ouch.

6. Is that Shania Twain? More importantly, she should be wearing that hat to the next steampunk showdown.

7. Oh, Shania brought a wannabe Joni Mitchell who has a bad habit of wearing high-top leather boots with solid gray, ankle-length cotton dresses and stealing curtains for her latest scarf statements (because that all works so well when it's at least 90 degrees).

Thanks Forever 21, we're loving your "inspiration." 

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