Found on Craigslist: One Sick Master Bedroom in Tempe, Bros Only

If you're on the market for a sick master bedroom, and you happen to be a beer-pounding, Jaeger-loving bro, then call off the hunt. Now.

The place of your dreams awaits on Craigslist. Well, more specifically, in the vicinity of University and Priest drives in Tempe.

And, bro, this house is chill.

Five bedrooms, a "pooled out" backyard, and more than 2,000 square feet ensure that there's enough room for any and all brodeos.

The advertisers, four self-proclaimed bros attending Arizona State, have a few stipulations for their future roommate.

See five house rules for this bro pad after the jump, along with choice highlights.

1. No fema -- ahem -- "no bitches allowed atleast (sic) not to live, just to get pounded"

2. "No one older than 24, sorry old people."

3. "We all go to school so when the booze is gone we like hit a library sesh"

4. "Include a pic or info so we know you're not a sketchball"

5. "No sketch kids or tweakers"

Got it? Good.

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