Foutz Motorsports Trucks in New TrophyLite Rally Racing Video Game

If you've ever wanted to drive an off-road racing truck through the winding desert courses of Baja racing, now you can -- from the comfort of your couch, bus seat, or office desk.

TrophyLite Rally Racing is a video game developed by a local company, 2XL Games, which features the burly trucks of local off-road racing company Foutz Motorsports. The game, available next week in the iTunes store, captures the desert landscapes of the Southwest with stunning accuracy -- players can see the shadows cast by the trucks in the gravel, the sun flares coming around a corner, dust clouds spewing from the tires.

Players can choose numerous trucks to drive, based on both real racing trucks made by Foutz Motorsports and imagined trucks created for game sponsors. There are five courses (based on the races in the General Tire TrophyLite Desert Race Series), and players can go solo or have friends link up to the game on Wi-Fi.

Greg Foutz, owner of Chandler-based Foutz Motorsports, says the game will only be available on iTunes (and playable on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad), but will be continually updated and interactive. His software company, Blackbox Interactive, created a game tool that will add new game features and sponsor messages (i.e., rotating the billboards along the courses). Players can unlock new features for trucks, and even win real prizes.

"We're working with our sponsors to do stuff like, if you win in the Goodyear truck, you get a coupon for discounted tires. We're giving away a bunch of KC Hi-Lite shirts, some Tempe 12 calendars, and FabTech remote control trucks," Foutz says. "Maybe one of the prizes will be a rental of an actual TrophyLite truck."

TrophyLite Rally Racing also saves statistics and compares leader boards."I'd like to have a party for the top 20 players at the end of the series," Foutz says. "So people can get rewarded for winning, rather than just, 'Hey, you beat the game.'"

For more information on TrophyLite Rally Racing, visit www.2xlgames.com or www.trophylite.com

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