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5 Free Things to Do in Phoenix This Week

Playwright Micki Shelton brings Cheap Food and Sex, but not literally.
Playwright Micki Shelton brings Cheap Food and Sex, but not literally. Chris Marzonie

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Here come the brides.
Benjamin Leatherman
Brides of March
It’s estimated that approximately 2.3 million weddings take place in the U.S. each year, according to folks who keep track of such things. We’re willing to bet, however, that the majority of these blessed affairs are nowhere near as fun as the madcap matrimonial fun of the annual Brides of March bar crawl.

Organized by the gonzo pranksters of the Arizona Cacophony Society, the annual event involves men and women alike donning wedding and bridesmaids dresses while hitting up several bars in downtown and Central Phoenix. It’s an afternoon of goofy fun that spoofs bridal traditions and riffs off the Ides of March (hence the name).

This year’s crawl kicks off at noon on Saturday, March 10, at Charlie’s Phoenix, 727 West Camelback Road, with a high-heel race and other festivities. Patrons will then board the light rail and set off for other nearby bars.
Participation is free. Visit the Arizona Cacophony Society website for more info. Benjamin Leatherman

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Gail Carriger is ready to take a book this weekend.
Vanessa Applegate
Tucson Festival of Books
Over 100,000 readers and writers will descend on the Old Pueblo this weekend for the Tucson Festival of Books. Now in its 10th year, the event takes over the University of Arizona campus on Saturday and Sunday, March 10 and 11, with readings, workshops, lectures, and signings from some of the biggest writers in the world.

This year’s guests include best-sellers Amy Tan, Dave Barry, Scott Turow, and Mitch Albom, who will also perform a free concert on Saturday Night as The Rock Bottom Remainders. Other authors slated to appear include the award-winning author and translator Ken Liu (“The Paper Menagerie”), steampunk queen Gail Carriger (Prudence), journalist Katy Tur (Unbelievable), and the king of middle-grade horror, R.L. Stine.

Programming runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Admission is free, however some of the programs are ticketed. Visit the Tucson Festival of Books website for a complete schedule and to reserve tickets. Michael Senft
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