Fridge the Gap

Turns out, refrigerators have a lot more potential than keeping your food cool and suffocating unsupervised children.

Leave it to a bunch of artists to make the kitchen-necessities-turned-death-traps into something beautiful at the Fridge-A-Thon exhibition. The show features fifteen recycled refrigerators painted by John Covington, Luis Gutierrez, El Moises, and more. These makeshift, large-scale “canvases” feature lively imagery of stylized cowgirls, Lucha Libre-style wrestlers, and a reinterpreted Captain America.

The project, sponsored by SRP, has been happening for months -- other fridges have made their debut across the Valley at events like the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the Glendale Water Expo, and Country Thunder, just to name a few. At After Hours, viewers get a one-stop view of these lively works of art. Just be sure to keep your kids from “playing” in them.

Mondays-Fridays. Starts: June 7. Continues through June 30, 2010
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