Gag Reflex

If our nights and days at Night & Day have taught us anything, it's don't ask comics about comedy. A few members of Mommy Hit Daddy addressed our questions about form and theory, and we've chosen to let their responses remain a beautiful and unlitigated mystery. So we asked why their company's called Mommy Hit Daddy:

Alex Petrusek: "I enjoy the name based solely on the fact of role reversal. Tones of female empowerment. That's an excellent juxtaposition, and also just the shock value of it." (Alex was driving through rural Iowa during the interview.)

Kyle Coughlin: "I don't think there's too much meaning to it. We literally just sat around brainstorming stupid names . . . My big idea for the name was Foot-Flavored Ice Cream."

Enjoy MHD's adult-oriented longform slacker improv at Space 55.

Fri., Aug. 15, 8-10 p.m., 2008
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