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Get to Know a Baseball Wife: Introducing Anna Benson

Reality shows revolving around the lives of fill-in-the-blank wives are cable mainstays and ratings boons for networks like Bravo and Vh1. While the former pioneered the spousal genre with Real Housewives of Orange County back in 2006, Vh1 has since hopped on the wifey dramas bandwagon with skank/scum-starring dramas like Mob Wives, Basketball Wives, and, its recent endeavor, Baseball Wives.

Based in (where else?) spring training hotspot Scottsdale, the show features Anna Benson, Erika Monroe Williams, Chantel Kendall, Tanya Grace, Brooke Villone, and Jordana Lenz. The vaguely sporty premise? Six women with romantic ties to pro baseballers pick fights, form catty alliances, throw ridiculous parties, and are socially bound together by the covenant of reality programming whether that they like each other or not. (Our bets are on option number two.)

Each woman has a story, and we're dishing the juicy deets. Meet wife number one after the jump...

Name: Anna Benson

Reputation: Benson's the wild child -- a gun-giddy, potty-mouthed, fur-loving former FHM model with the ta-tas to prove it. She calls it like she sees it and promises to change for no one.

Baseball Husband: Since 1999, Anna's played baseball wife to now-retired pitcher Kris Benson, who played for the D-backs, Mets, Pirates, Rangers, and Orioles.

Quotable Quips: "It's really sexy when women shoot guns."

Claim(s) to Fame: Being arguably the most famous of the Baseball Wives team, Benson made a name for herself modeling her double-D décolletage in mags like FHM and Sports Illustrated.

Apart from her requisite hotness (which is visibly fading), Anna's also known for her big mouth, which famously exclaimed to Howard Stern that if her pro athlete husband were to cheat on her she'd "do everybody on his whole team." Classy.

Where's the beef?: Better question: Where isn't it? Benson's been two-faced in her dealings with Erika, Jordana, and, to a degree, Chantel. So far, she's reserved balls-out meanness for Jordana, the only castmember without a marriage to or divorce from a player.

Apart from calling her a groupie, in a confessional commentary sesh Benson said, "Jordana doesn't date baseball players. She fucks them." Based on Benson's aforementioned promise to bang an entire team, we aren't sure Jordana should take offense.

Catch Baseball Wives on VH1 Sundays at 10 p.m.

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