Gimme Five: Fillmore Creative's Opening Party on Grand Avenue This Saturday

Call it what you will, but we're gonna go ahead and call it, well, being a bunch of suckers for a reason to get our celebration on. Especially when said celebration involves supporting a new (and totally rad) collaborative art space in downtown Phoenix known as Fillmore Creative.

Last month, we reported the space was still very much in its beginning stages. But now, the time is nigh for us local folk to check out the digs at tomorrow night's, Gimme Five, the venue's first in-house function since the space has taken shape, complete with internal sound system and projector, open dance floor/party space, sewing lab, recording studio, and tattoo parlor.

(Get the full event scoop, after the jump.)

Starting at 8 p.m., the 3,200 square foot space will feature live music by Playboy Manbaby, The Insects, and other special guests, as well as food by Woody's Food Truck. Open process tours of the space will also be available.

Organizer Joey G. explains "Gimme Five" as a way to well, "high five" (and pay a tiny $5 donation) the founders, and help the project get up and running at a pace the space deserves. He's also excited for the DIY workshops and community participation that is sure to take place but are still in the works.

The event will start at 8 p.m. and run until, lets just say, very late early in the a.m. Admission is $5 (plus a high five).

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