Glendale Fashion Blogger Esmirna Tapia Hearts Platforms, Hates Flatforms

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Tapia's background is all over the fashion spectrum. Originally wanting to be a buyer for a store like Nordstrom, she's studied everything from fashion marketing to product development.

However, it wasn't until she began her first blog in 2011 that she seemed to find the right fit. "It had a different name, and I wrote about culture and the fashion industry, but I just couldn't keep up with it," she says. "I just posted whenever I could. But then I followed a lot of fashion bloggers and thought, 'If they can do it, I can start somewhere, too.'"

Tapia invested in a good camera, and with the help of her husband, who takes all her pictures, says, "So far, so good."

Her current blog, Platforms for Breakfast, is a daily outfit blog that is also translated into Spanish. Tapia herself is bilingual and knows she has people who speak both languages in her audience. She says a lot of good Spanish fashion blogs are based in Mexico and translate from Spanish to English. "I've always wanted to do it the other way around."

Tapia says her stye is actually pretty simple. She dresses according to her mood, the weather, or both. "It all depends where I'm going, because in Arizona it's so weird."

The blogger finds inspiration everywhere. "If I love your outfit, I'll probably keep it in mind and maybe imitate it. I like certain celebrities, other blogs, and if I see a color I like or if I'm people-watching, I draw inspiration and take notes from everywhere. I save images and get inspiration from them later."

All of Tapia's hard work and dedication to her blog is paying off. She recently won a Women's Wear Daily contest alongside seven other bloggers from around the country to attend the Magic Trade Show, an event held in the Las Vegas Convention Center twice a year, where established designers and emerging brands are showcased. As a winner, Tapia will be one of WWD Magic's official bloggers, attend seminars, and speak on panels.

That's not the only place the blogger's being recognized.

"Yesterday," she says, "my husband and I were in a mall in the small town of Calexico, California, where my husband is from. The cashier was staring at me and finally came up to me and told me she recognized me from my blog. She said she found me because a friend of hers liked one of my photos once. It was weird, but things like that are very so awesome!"

Right now, Tapia says she's "just blogging" but she's getting new opportunities all the time. She hopes to connect and network with more fashion lovers in Phoenix and is always looking at her blog from a business standpoint. "My blog is my baby," she says.

"If something comes up job-wise, I'll take it. I love blogging, but I have to keep that joy in it."

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