Glow Job

Hiking Piestewa Peak under the cover of darkness can be a bit of a precarious prospect. Just ask any tenderfoot hiker who’s forgotten their lantern and gone from tromping about the trails at night to starring on the evening newscast with a single, clumsy step.

Luckily, the participants in this weekend’s Fluor-Ascent won’t have that problem. Nope, the pranksters and urban adventurers who turn out for the AZ Cacophony Society’s annual event on Saturday, April 2, won’t have any trouble finding the trail -- they’ll be glowing like walking Christmas trees while scaling the 2,608-foot mountain.

Self-illumination will take on a whole new meaning, as participants will be lit up with a rainbow-colored cornucopia of glow sticks, strobe lights, blinkers, and other light-generating devices.

Sat., April 2, 7 p.m., 2011
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