Got Hummus: Sabeur Rouin

Sabeur Rouin, a.k.a. Dr. Hummus, is a fixture at Valley farmers markets. He's nearly as well known for his wicked sense of humor and constant smile as he is for his hummus, dolmas, and addictive pita chips. In the interest of our well-being, he's reworked some of his favorite family recipes with a focus on more healthful ingredients. Every week, a line of regulars snakes around his booth to stock up on food and catch up with Rouin, who always has a joke and the latest market gossip. Miss a week, and he'll bust you. Rain or shine, the good doctor is always in.

I arrived in Phoenix on a cruise ship!

When I’m stuck in traffic, I thank God I'm in America.


Sabeur Rouin

One thing my mother doesn’t know about me is I'm the one who ate all the cookies in the cookie jar.

On Saturday night, you can find me making hummus.

My favorite thing about summer in Phoenix is the empty freeways.

If I could redo my first kiss, I’d kiss Cameron Diaz.

The one dessert I refuse to eat is caramel custard.

If I was mayor of Phoenix, I’d eat Dr. Hummus breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In high school, I was the troublemaker.

In another life, I was a racehorse.

The one place in Phoenix I don’t want anyone to know about is Fountain Hills.

On my nightstand, you’ll find a picture of my parents.

The fictional character I’m most like is Homer Simpson.

One thing I want to do before I die is build a home for the orphans.

The best things about Phoenix are all the farmers markets.

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