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Governor Jan Brewer Signs Arizona Spice Ban Bill Today

The party's pretty much over for spice lovers in Arizona. Today, Governor Jan Brewer signs House Bill 2167 into law.

Introduced by Arizona State Representative Amanda Reeve (R) in January, House Bill 2167 bans ten chemical compounds commonly used in spice blends. Before getting to Brewer's desk, the bill passed the Arizona House Judiciary Committee unanimously, and garnered three-quarters of affirmative votes in each house.

Brewer's making a big deal out of signing HR 2167 today. Her office sent out a press release this morning announcing a "public signing ceremony" at 11:30 a.m. at the State Capitol.

The Arizona state ban on ten spice chemicals comes shortly after the United States Drug Enforcement Administration announced that its emergency federal ban has not taken effect yet.

While the DEA works to gather enough data on the chemical compounds in spice to enforce a ban, Arizona's taken its own measures.

Several other states, including Michigan, Illinois, Oregon, and Kansas, have passed their own laws banning spice chemicals. Arizona's prohibition against spice compounds takes effect immediately.

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