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Graduate Hotel Now Open in Tempe; Here's a Look Inside

Put away the blowup mattress and clear that couch, because your out-of-town guests have a new place to stay in Tempe. Graduate Hotel opened its doors two weeks ago, and while the complete remodel of what was once the Twin Palms is still in progress (management expects the finishing touches will be complete before the end of the year), guests have already begun filling the 140-room establishment.

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Graduate Hotels is a new line of college-geared accommodations launched this year by Chicago-based investors A.J. Capital. While Graduate Hotels currently only has two locations operating thus far -- one in Athens, Georgia, and the other in Tempe -- the company plans to open 10 to 15 more in the next three to five years.

Each Graduate Hotel is designed with a certain academic nostalgia in mind to appeal to visiting alumni as well as prospective students and parents. To set each college location apart, the hotel brand's designer Andrew Alford, has sprinkled in subtle hints of the community with the rest of the retro decor. In the case of the Tempe Graduate, this means a desert landscapes, faux-native and local artwork, and a large-scale ant farm in the lobby contributed by the Social Insect Research Department at the ASU School of Life Science.

The Tempe Graduate Hotel features private patios with views of campus, a pool, a rooftop bar, 1,800 square feet of special events space, a late-night diner dubbed The Normal that screams "Edward Hopper hipster," and a currently under construction cantina called the Tapacubo.

Add all that to the swanky aesthetic and it's almost hard to believe that room rates are only $99 on weekdays and $109 on weekends throughout the rest of the year.

Even once the newly opened hotel promos wear off in January, the room rates will average out to about $149. Not bad when you consider that the Tempe Graduate is just walking distance from the ASU Art Museum, Undergraduate Admissions office, WP Carey School of Business, and Gammage Auditorium.

So whether you're a campus-bound hopeful or football fan in need of somewhere to stay, we have to say, the Graduate has a lot to give. For more information and to make reservations, visit or call 480-967-9431.

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