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Remember the "good old days" when glass bottles of milk and fresh-baked loaves of bread were delivered to your doorstep? Well, Boxed Greens does that and more by providing door-to-door delivery of farm-fresh, pesticide-free produce and herbs picked straight from the earth. When owner Larry Wiener bought the business three and a half years ago, he expanded the certified organic menu to include a wide variety of dairy products and meats, giving customers' taste buds a well-rounded palette of natural goodness and making stress-filled trips to the grocery store nonexistent.

Pick Your Non-Poison
We carry all sorts of fruits and veggies; a full line of dairy products, including milk, eggs, cheese, and butter; and organic meat products like turkeys, chicken, chicken breast, sausage, ribs, pork loins, hamburgers, ground beef, and more. We supply all sorts of retail stores in the area, such as a health food store in Casa Grande and an all-natural meat market in Cave Creek, as well as restaurants like Drip Coffee Lounge in Phoenix and the snack bar at the University of Advancing Technology (ADT) in Tempe.

Don't Knock It 'til You Try It
During certain times of the year, we have stuff that you aren't going to find in grocery stores, like lemon cucumbers, baby broccoli, heirloom tomatoes, and exotic fruits such as Sharlyn melons. We offer seasonal and essential boxes through our Web site [] at whatever frequency one chooses. We also put together a low-carb fruit and veggie box with broccoli, spinach, and red watermelon. In case a customer doesn't like a certain food, we allow substitutions and are always willing to be very flexible with their needs and wants.

Made in the USA
Everything we carry is organic and grown domestically on small farms 500 acres or less. We grow stuff out in California, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa. During the summer, we get peaches and apples out of Willcox. The furthest we go for stuff are tropical fruits like organic papayas and pineapples grown in Hawaii. Locally, we work with Blue Sky Organic Farms and Duncan Farms on the west side. The key is that we are always looking for stuff in season, and also who has the best reputation for growing quality goods.

Holiday Feastin'
The Holiday Breakfast Sampler box is our biggest seller around the December holidays. It's designed as a Christmas morning breakfast box and includes a loaf of our fresh-baked cinnamon bread, fresh oatmeal and granola, and in-season fruits such as melons and apples. It easily feeds eight to 10 people.

We have five to six people packing up orders in a customized box that keeps cold foods cold with ice packets, and frozen items frozen with dry ice. Our delivery van goes all the way north to Anthem, out to far east Mesa, south to Queen Creek, and west to Goodyear. We also participate in farmers' markets in the far-reaching areas such as Cave Creek and Carefree.

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