Groundhog Day: More Winter, More Miniatures, and More Cheetos (Please)

Welcome to the Morning Buzz, a catch-up on interesting happenings around the city and country and a quick guide to what (and who) to keep your eyes on. We'll be here, first thing every weekday, to get you going. Here's what's buzzing this morning:

1. More Winter Punxsutawney Phil popped out of his hole in Pennsylvania's to see the action outside -- thousands of visitors travel to the groundhog grounds every year to see the varmint's weather prediction. This morning, he "saw" his shadow, which means six more weeks of winter.

Since 1886, the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club's chosen groundhog has predicted winter 100 times and the coming arrival of spring just 16 times (though the club admits to never keeping track of whether these predictions are correct). Looks like someone's getting six more weeks of winter.

2. Miniature Groundhogs If you'd rather not wait to see Phil emerge from his burrow, you can stage your own groundhog day (any day of the year) with the help of Bewilder Miniatures. Each of their personal groundhogs is just more than an inch tall and sculpted from micaceous polymer. He arrives in a box burrow with an explanation of today -- and instructions for celebrating your own personal groundhog day (again, and again, and again) any (and every) day of the year.

3. More Cheetos Or if you're tired of waiting around for the thing to pop out of his hole, we hear they like Cheetos.

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