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Guillermo Reyes Steps Down as Artistic Director of Teatro Bravo

Reyes will step aside from his duties for the season on July 1. His new gig -- Interim Director of the School of Theatre and Film at Arizona State University. There he wil oversee the entire program as well as supervise this year's slew of student productions.

Replacing him will be Fernando Teson, who's currently Head of Performing Arts at Metropolitan Arts Institute.

Teatro will be performing its three-play repertory there in the fall including "Manzi: The Childhood of Cesar Chavez," written by Jose Cruz Gonzalez, "Rancho Pancho," written by Gregg Barrios and directed by Fernando Teson and Reyes' late-night comedy "Dudes Gone Wild" in September and October.

The Chilean-born author made a name for himself in the Phoenix Theater scene with plays covering sexuality, gender and Latino identity (check out a New Times full profile of Reyes, published in 2000). He most recently served as the head of ASU's playwriting program.

His plays include: Chilean Holiday, Men on the Verge of a His-Panic Breakdown, Deporting the Divas, Miss Consuel, The Seductions of Johnny Diego, Mother Lolita, Places to Touch Him, Suspects and We Lost it at the Movies to name a few.

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Claire Lawton
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