Haboob Sightings, a Batman Dance Party, and Salt River Shenanigans Over the Weekend

First Major Haboob of 2012 Swallows Up the Valley New Times freelance photographer Andrew Pielage captured some amazing photos of Saturday's Haboob.

"I had just left Tempe Camera and was headed to meet my brother for dinner," Pielage writes. "Pulling out of the parking lot, I got first glimpse of the bright red, orange and yellow glow on the horizon to the East. I knew exactly what it was: Our first major Haboob of the season and it was heading right for me."

"Luckily I was only a few minutes away for a pre-determined viewpoint. As I raced up to the viewpoint, I could see the wall of dust start to block out the sky. Reaching the top, I had made it just in time. With the wind now gusting and the thick, sand-like dust blasting my face, I knew I only had a few minutes to get the shots I wanted. It is one thing to see it from the ground, but when you are on top of a mountain and you still have to look up to see the top of it you really start to grasp the size and magnitude of the Haboob."

Digital Addiction's Batman Dance Party at Anderson's Fifth Estate Retro dance night Digital Addiction at Anderson's Fifth Estate in Scottsdale celebrated the Dark Knight during a special Batman-themed dance party on Friday, July 20. While no one busted out with the Bat-Tusi, costumes and Batman apparel were worn and comics-related giveaways were doled out.

Halloween Spooktacular at Salt River Employees of Salt River Tubing and Recreation celebrated Halloween in July at the Halloween Spooktacular on Saturday. Apparently, since no one really wants to float down the Salt River in October, they've decided to celebrate Halloween early.

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