Halloween Guide 2012: Dagger Death Race VI

Keep your head on a swivel if you happen to be traipsing around Tempe on Saturday, October 27, as a number of cyclists, fixie fiends, and heavy pedalers will be zooming around the streets and sidewalks of the East Valley at breakneck speeds. They'll be participating in the frenetic, fast-paced Dagger Death Race and likely will have their eyes of the prize and stopping for nothing. As with previous five versions of the secretive scavenger hunt and "alley cat" race, this year's edition will require cyclists to navigate among checkpoints and engage in goofy challenges along the way. At stake is a variety of swag and prizes from State Bicycles, Fairdale, Subrosa, and Odyssey. As always, an after-party will go down at Muggshots Bar, 1212 East Apache Boulevard in Tempe, following the race and will feature performances by Ace High Cutthroats and DJ Benko. Check out for more info on the race and its starting point.

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